new album release! – Spring Equinox Reset

Spring EquinoxDonna D’Cruz, Rasa Living Founder- Sensualista, Spiritualista, Producer, Designer, Phoenix House Meditation Instructor has curated a rejuvenating soundtrack to help us reset at this sacred time of the Spring Equinox. The musical journey is rich, layered and created especially to help us RESET our intentions for the season of Spring – a time of rebirth, new beginnings and a new understanding of our Path and our place in the biggest picture possible.

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Sense of Touch

Of all our Five Senses, touch is the most universal.  You may lose your vision, hearing, sense of smell and even your sense of taste, but it is unlikely you’ll be bereft of your sense of touch, also known as taction.

For couples, it’s all about getting, keeping and renewing sensuality via touch. Sensual touch is a marvelous way to reconnect with your partner. Begin with yourself by prepping your skin to feel its smoothest. Make exfoliating a daily part of your routine and sweep upwards towards your heart. Be thorough and be gentle. Follow immediately with a fabulous, heavenly-scented lotion….

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Valentine’s Day Sensuality Guide

Our senses are a primal foundation so integrated in our physical, emotional and mental consciousness, we forget how essential they are to our wellness and health. We’ll be looking at all these senses during the coming weeks and connecting the dots about how they relate to our Spirituality, Sensuality and wellness. This Valentine’s Day, take a moment to re-discover the sense of sound….

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New Year Reset with Donna D’Cruz for Rasa Living

Awareness – Letting Go – Gratitude – Healing – Meditation – Rest – Relaxation – Acceptance: all these core concepts and realities are gifts you can give yourself.  With that in mind, we at Rasa Living would like to offer you affirmations to re-imagine and re-weave your New Year’s resolutions into a living, useful resource….

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